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Pain thresholds vary from person to person and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable for the entire procedure. Some of our clients say that they don’t feel any pain during the treatment, while others experience some minor discomfort.

Please ensure you apply a thick layer of numbing cream on your brow area and apply glad wrap over the top of it 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. We recommend Numit or Emla Cream from your local pharmacy.

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Generally it works really well for most skin types! The results and longevity of your tattoo will depend greatly on how well you take care of your brows during the healing process and beyond. Each client’s skin will respond differently, both in the length of time it takes to heal, the number of sessions needed for your desired results and colour retention. The treatment may not be suitable if you have:

  • Very oily skin. As your skin constantly produces a lot of oil, the fine hair strokes tend to heal with a softer more diffused look and tend to fade faster. It is best to consult with us before getting the treatment.

  • Large pores, are a frequent smoker, iron deficient or anaemic. It is highly likely that the pigment will fade faster and that you will require a touch-up treatment sooner.



Unfortunately, Brow Feathering isn't suitable for all skin types, allergies or illnesses as listed below:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • Oily skin or large pores

  • Diabetes (requires doctors’ approval.  Please email us prior to booking)

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation 

  • Trichotillomania (requires doctors’ approval.  Please email us prior to booking)

  • Autoimmune disorders or communicable diseases (requires doctors’ approval.  Please email us prior to booking)

  • Bleeding disorders

  • Blood thinning medication

  • Taking Roaccutane (or similar) in the past 12 months

  • Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Keratosis Pilaris or Dermatitis in your eyebrow area

  • Previous permanent makeup done elsewhere (requires prior approval. Please email us a photo of your brows and details of where/when you had your last treatment prior to booking)

  • Extremely sensitive skin

  • Problem skin and/or cystic acne

  • Keloid scarring

  • Have had Botox in brow, forehead or frown lines in the 3 weeks prior to your appointment

  • Any allergies - especially to Lignocaine or Tetracaine which is present in the anaesthetic we use

  • Shingles on the face – we recommend waiting several months before you have treatment

  • Lithium – cosmetic tattoos have been shown not to hold well in people who take this medication

  • HIV or AIDS

  • If you have taken any medication 4 weeks prior to getting your treatment, particularly antibiotics. Some antibiotics can cause photosensitivity; therefore, it is detrimental to the end result. Please list your medications in the consultation form once you have booked.


If you have any other health concerns or are on any medications that you're unsure about, simply send us an email.

We will require written doctors’ approval to treat you if you have:

  • Heart problems

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer


Clients will require two treatments. The initial appointment followed by a Perfecting Session 6-12 weeks later. In your Perfecting Session, we evaluate how your skin has received the initial treatment and the level of colour retention. We then make any necessary adjustments to the pigment or technique. 

Many clients find that the colour lightens or some areas drop out, which is normal. These can be adjusted and enhanced in your Perfecting session.  


Unlike traditional body tattoos that use ink, cosmetic tattooing uses pigments. Over time these pigments are designed to gradually fade. Fading is important, as it means that it is possible for you to change the colour and shape of your enhancements over time, as your skin changes and your style evolves. Most people find that their treatment needs to be refreshed every one - three years.

There are many different factors that affect how long your cosmetic tattoo lasts, including:


  • Your skin type – Oily and larger pores tend to break down the pigment faster 

  • How quickly your skin regenerates – the slower your skin regenerates, the longer the pigment will hold

  • The colour of the pigment used – lighter colours tend to fade faster

  • The speed at which you skin absorbs the pigment – The slower the absorption, the longer the pigment will hold

  • Sun exposure – sun exposure will soften your tattoo over time. We do recommend applying 50+ sunscreen every day to prolong your brows (once the area has healed)

  • Chemical peels that come into contact with the area treated

  • Bleeding during the procedure – Bleeding during the treatment does reduce the amount of pigment that is absorbed by your skin. Alcohol and certain medications thin your blood and should not be taken prior to and following your appointment.


Because of all these factors, we can’t guarantee how long your cosmetic tattoo will last, as everybody is different. 


  • Please allow sufficient travel and parking time to get to your appointment. 

  • If you’re running over 15 mins late and we need to reschedule, this will result in you losing your deposit. A new deposit will be required to make your next booking.

  • All day parking is available on Raleigh Street.


2 weeks before your treatment:

  • Skincare: Avoid using products which have Retinol (Retin-A) and AHA’s. No laser or chemical peels.

  • Botox: Avoid having Botox around the brow area 4 weeks before your appointment and 2 weeks after.

  • Tanning/sunburn: It is important to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least 2 weeks before your treatment, and 12 weeks after your treatment (the longer the better). Sunburn and tanning causes your skin to naturally exfoliate, which can impact how the pigment is absorbed into the skin. Avoid using fake tan on your face 1 week before your appointment.

3 days before your treatment:

  • If you prefer to have your eyebrows waxed or threaded, it is important that you do this AT LEAST 3 days before your treatment. A brow tidy is included in your brow feathering appointment.

  • You should avoid all blood thinning medications and supplements for at least 72 hours prior to your treatment. This also includes Vitamin E, Aspirin, Niacin, Ibuprofen and fish oil supplements.

  • Exfoliate and remove any fake tan on the area that will be treated.

48 hours before your appointment:

  • Do not take any vitamins or supplements.

  • If you have a cold, or are unwell, please contact us asap.

24 hours before your treatment:

  • Do not drink any alcohol the night before, or day of your appointment.

  • Do not take Asprin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Avoid drinking coffee and any type of caffeine on the day of your appointment.

  • Do not work out on the day of your appointment.


The first 10 days are crucial for the healing process and 90% of your results will depend on how well you look after them! You will receive an aftercare gift bag which includes detailed instructions, aftercare gel and a cleanser.

During the healing process you must avoid:

  • Picking, scratching or peeling the healing area 

  • Makeup on the brow area

  • Exercising for 7 days 

  • Sleeping on your face

  • Getting the area soaked in the shower

  • Swimming, saunas, spas or excessive sweating 

  • Direct sun exposure or solariums for 4 weeks (a hat and large sunglasses is recommended during this time)

  • SPF on the brow area 

  • Facials, Botox, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks


A Sunscreen of SPF-50 should be applied daily after healing and is required to help keep the colour true. Ongoing direct sun exposure can also result in the pigment fading faster. Please wear a hat or large sunglasses wherever possible.

Fading speed depends on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, pigment colour used, broken capillaries, medications and if any chemical peels were done after your procedure.

If you are planning a chemical peel, laser treatment or other medical procedure, please inform the technician that you have had a cosmetic tattoo. They MUST avoid the tattooed area.


You must be 18 years or older to have cosmetic tattooing performed by an artist at Adorn Beauty Studio.


Brow Feathering can be booked online however if you're unable to find an availability, please email & include your preferred days and times. Please note our opening hours: Monday - Friday, 11am - 5pm.

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