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Masterclass: Brow Lamination, Sculpt & Dye

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Are you passionate about brows and looking to get into the industry or refine your technique? Join us for our Brow Lamination Masterclass!

We offer private 1:1 or group training for students of all experience levels - from beginners trying to get started to advanced brow stylists looking to hone their skills. Our hands-on masterclass is tailored to suit your individual needs and specific skill set.

In our masterclass you'll learn our trade secrets to perform our signature techniques for brow laminations, brow mapping, waxing, hybrid dye application, styling and even how to take photos/videos for social media content. We have spent years testing and fine-tuning our methods and range of products to deliver what has become one of the best brow laminations in the industry.


All students will receive a certificate on completion as well as access to our suppliers, discount codes and our exclusive product list.

Masterclass outline:

- 4 hours of practice training

- Live demonstration from Sharyn

- x1 practice model

- Kits available as an extra package

Kits include:

- Brow lamination products

- Hybrid dye products

- Wax heater and wax beads

- Brow styling products

- Cleanser and saline

- Brushes

- Mapping thread

- Gel pen

- Tweezers



Kits are an additional $350 (valued at over $450) and will enable you to perform up to 40 brow laminations.

Deposit: To secure the date of your masterclass, a $300 deposit is required. Once you have booked your date in our online booking system, we will email you an invoice with payment details. The balance will be due 5 days prior to your masterclass date.

For group, interstate or international training please email 

Upcoming Masterclasses: Botox Lash Lift and Brow Sculpt with Dye

To register your interest, please email 

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